Tri-Cord LLC

Back to the Community

Back to the Community(BTTC) is a support group for men aged 18 and older who have been incarcerated. We have crated a safe environment for men to come and be open and honest about their journey back into the community. The ups the downs, the triumphs the failures, all of these things have helped you grow and can help someone else grow as well.

This group is owned by YOU and run by YOU!  This group is for you, so you decide where the discussion goes. This is also a place for networking, resources and information sharing.

We have also created a way for the support group to move from just being face to face, but virtually as well, through BTTC Blog. Here you can continue the discussion form group, and comment on the journal question. If you miss a group, hop on the blog and see what we talked about.

Please come out and join the discussion on the struggles and the triumphs of coming back to the community


For more information please call or email 203-497-2201